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Professional Scales and laboratory balances



  • Laboratory Balances

    Laboratory Scales are Analytical and Precision Balances for a wide range of laboratory and precision work

  • Water Resistant

    Water resistant scales come in many forms and have various uses but are especially used in the food industry and other industrial operations where water, dust or high humidity are evident. Many scales used in these environments are classed as IP rated scales (please see our separate page on IP rating). The most common IP rated scale is coded IP65, which gives a good level of protection suitable for many of the situations above.

  • Catering & Food Portioning

    Catering scales are used for a wide variety of reasons by catering professionals such as to prepare the ingredients for catering, portion control (like sandwich fillings) & by bakers for weighing their dough or ingredients for baking.

  • Postal & Shipping

    A variety of Postal Scales. Letter scales, shipping scales and postage scales, ranging from letters to large packages

  • Parts Counting

    A range of scales for part counting

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